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What We do?

Arabia Mobiles was founded in 1994 to distribute consumer electronics. We expanded gradually our operations to cover all Lebanese territories.

By the year 2006, Arabia Mobiles became one of the largest Smart Phone Distributors in the country trading Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Sony.

In 2014, we opened our 1st office outside Lebanon aiming to expand operations in the gulf.

By 2016, our good reputation and professionalism gained international recognition by signing the exclusive distribution rights for ITOCHU Corporation’s Used phones. As as result, we introduced for the first time in Lebanon the concept of distributing warranted second hand phones.

After 2 years of great partnership and success trading Used Phones, we agreed to include the UAE in our Distribution Rights agreement with ITOCHU Corporation.


We aim to maintain the highest standards in terms of customer servicing, be it in coverage, aftersales, pricing and availability. We believe that being available at all times and having a wide product range always available will build trust and continuity with our partners. Our competitive pricing and our professional aftersales services will guarantee that we will continue to provide the region with the best possible communications partner going into the future.


We at Arabia Mobiles believe that communication will always be a critical element and integral in the development of our society. We trust that we will advance along with the technology and deliver it with best way possible.

Meet the Leaders!



The core and stem of our strategy and development with a total of over 75 years of experience in delivering technology.

Elie Khoury

Elie Khoury

Chief Executive Officer

Georges Khoury

Georges Khoury

General Manager

Gilbert Arab

Gilbert Arab

Sales Manager